1. Introduction
2. Before the Journey
3. The Journey
4. After the Journey
5. The shamanic journey in perspective
6. Summary: The 9 Steps
7. Troubleshooting the Journey Process

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The shamanic journey in perspective:

There are five conditions that will help you become a successful journeyer. They are:
  • Let go of your need to control: My experience is that this is difficult for most people to do in life, yet alone in preparation for a meditative process like journeying. If you are trying to orchestrate your own journey you will be paying too much attention to the details and not be able to get into the flow required to really experience the lower world.
  • Detach from outcomes: This is also challenging for many of us. There is no way we can predict the outcome of a particular journey, yet so often we try. While we may have a mental image of what will happen the experience never matches our picture. Release the image and enjoy the experience.
  • Trust the spirit helpers: A big help in letting go of your need to control and detaching from outcomes is to trust the spirit helpers. They will always orchestrate the perfect result for you. Whether you have an amazing experience in Technicolor, get held up in the tunnel, or don't experience any part of the journey at all, it is perfect for you at that time. As hard as it can be sometimes, trust that the spirits are giving you what you most need at that particular time.
  • Lighten up and enjoy the experience: My experience is that when you take all this too seriously, the spirit helpers will find a way to lighten things up. They are notorious tricksters and will always help you find the humor of your own seriousness.
  • Leave your ego at the entrance: As mentioned earlier in my cow story, when you think you are the center of the action, you are likely to miss the very important signals being given to you by the spirit helpers.

Let's see, let go of controls, detach from outcomes, trust, lighten up and get out of your ego. This represents a life's journey for many of us. And what do you imagine would happen if we could create organizations that could engender these traits. Wouldn't going to work be so much more pleasurable? The beauty of the process is that by learning how to journey and practicing what I have learned routinely I am continually training and conditioning myself to abandon the dysfunctional mind chatter and approach life with both trust and lightness. The discipline of the shamanic journey has enabled me to be much more present in the company of another and a much more objective and capable observer of my own life. I hope you will benefit as well.

Happy journeying!

Richard Whiteley
Author of The Corporate Shaman

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