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Richard Whiteley is a successful entrepreneur, dynamic professional speaker and award-winning author. He is the principal of The Whiteley Group, an international speaking and consulting firm. In 1971 he co-founded The Forum Corporation which he helped build to an industry leading, 700 person global training company. In addition, he owned a retail store in Boston's famed Quincy Marketplace for nine years.

Richard's first book, The Customer Driven Company was named one of the top four business books by FORTUNE magazine and one of the top ten books of the decade by Human Resource Executive Magazine. Customer Centered Growth, his second book and a Business Week bestseller was named one of the top five books by Selling Magazine. A third book Love The Work You're With; Find the Job You Always Wanted Without Leaving the One You Have earned a spot on CEOREAD's best selling list.

"Richard Whiteley teaches that the intangibles - latitude for individuality and expression of human spirit at work - are the important factors for the fulfillment of employees and the consequent success of their joint enterprise. Southwest Airlines says 'hurray for Whiteley!'"
Herb Kelleher CEO

Richard's fourth book is a business fable entitled, The Corporate Shaman and deals with the healing that is needed in organizations and leaders who are able to create it. It is published by Harper Collins. Of The Corporate Shaman, Deepak Chopra says: "An engaging illustration of how the wisdom gained throughout the ages has powerful relevance to modern business dilemmas."

Richard's presentations, like his books, are known for their practicality and usefulness because of his first hand company building experience and his work with over 300 organizations and 200,000 executives in 26 countries over the past thirty years.

Past clients include: American Express, GE, Motorola, Marriott, Microsoft, Kaiser Permenente, British Airways, Kraft Foods, Mercedes-Benz, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Guaranty, and 3M.

In addition to his speaking and writing, Richard has a healing practice in Boston which is based on his study and practice of shamanism. His work has included power animal retrievals and soul retrieval for individuals and organizations including the Young Presidents Organization, Oakmont Laboratories, ThirdAge, Inc, The Woodlands Group, and Eight Wings Enterprises. He has recently performed as a percussionist and vocalist on a new CD entitled Shamanheart. With his three sons, he has also created a drumming CD for assistance in shamanic journeying.

Richard has a BA from Wesleyan University and after serving three years in the United States Navy earned an MBA from Harvard.

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